How To Check iCloud Activation Lock on any iPhone by Apple Checker

You may wonder if it is necessary to know how to iCloud Check the iPhone activation lock status prior you make a purchase of old iPhone 7 Plus, 7, 6S, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 or iPad any models. And the answer to this is yes, simply because the iCloud Activation lock is a very effective security feature of the apple devices which helps the users to track down and prevent leaking data from stolen or lost devices. While this feature is turned on, the apple user will be able to protect the stored data on the iPhone, iPad or iPod and will have the option to remotely delete all the contents on the device in case it is required to.

In case the iPhone, iPad or iPod is stolen or lost, the potential user will be required to enter the apple ID and password which was initially set up in order to continue to use the device. And if the user is unable to provide these credentials the apple device will be permanently locked.

Still, there is a small problem which many iPhone owners who have bought their devices from second hand retailers face. In case the former owner does not unlink their Apple ID from the iPhone, and if the new owner unintentionally resets the device and all the contact with the first owner is lost, then the situation may become a bit complicated because the iPhone will require the Apple ID credentials to be entered before it can be used.

Check iCloud Lock Status

In order to avoid such scenario it is always recommended that you check the iCloud Activation lock status on any Apple device before you make the purchase.

So without a doubt we can conclude that the iCloud Activation lock has plenty of useful features. Now we on this guide will talk about official Apple iCloud Checker service.

Important iCloud Activation Lock features

If the Activation lock feature is turned on, on your iPhone then you have plenty of useful features in disposal such as:

  • Ultimate protection of your device’s stored data and against unauthorized use
  • Option to delete all data on the device remotely (in case the device is stolen or lost and there is a chance the data may be compromised)
  • You can reactive the iOS device simply by using your own Apple login credentials which you have used to activate the Find my iPhone feature

Check iCloud Activation of the feature

If you have several Apple devices on which you use the same Apple ID, then all of them will be protected by the iCloud Activation lock feature. However, in order for the protection to be enabled, the user must manually activate it. This feature applies to the iPad, iPod touch and the iPhone, and as of recent it can be used to protect the Apple Watch as well.

After you log in with your Apple ID, the server will store the ID and every time you log in with this Apple credential on your device, the Apple server will cross check the device to see whether the owner’s credentials are being used, or if someone else is trying to compromise the device using different ID.

How to enable the iCloud Activation Lock on your Apple device

In order to turn on this feature it is required that you first activate the Find my iPhone option. If the Find my iPhone feature is disabled then the Activation Lock will be disabled as well.

You can enable this feature from the on-device app, or by going to the website:

In case you link Apple Watch and iPhone during the activation procedure, then the Activation lock status on the Apple Watch will be set consequently- either disabled/enabled.

The Apple Activation Lock feature works on any iOS, while for the Apple Watch, the OS version should be 2 or later.

iCloud Check by official Apple iCloud Checker Service

iCloud Activation Lock

If you want to see the current status of the iCloud Activation Lock status of your iOS device then do this:

  1. Using your web browser go to this link for iCloud Check lock.
  2. Enter your iOS device’s IMEI Number
  3. Enter the verification code which is shown on the captcha bellow the IMEI code field
  4. Press the Continue button and you will see on the next screen the activation status

From this short article we can conclude that it is always recommended that you check that the iCloud Activation lock feature is disabled before you purchase an iOS device from second hand retailer.

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