How To Access iCloud Drive Files From iPhone and iPad

It is clear that there is a major distinction between the iCloud drive and other cloud apps. Even though the iCloud drive perhaps is not as versatile as the OneDrive, Google Drive or the Dropbox, it still has a lot useful features which make it one of a kind. My question here is whether you know how to access all the documents and files that you store in the iCloud drive?

In case you were assuming that you can access your data on the iCloud drive just like you do with any other app then you are wrong. In matter of fact, the drive is not even an app. But, you can access the files from any compatible app from within.

Apps that will grant you such access are Documents 5, Goodreader and Cloud Opener.

So let’s have a look at these apps!!!

How To Access iCloud Drive on Documents 5?

This app is highly efficient and makes it quite easy for any user to access the data which he has stored n iCloud drive. With this app you can open most of the file types within the app. In case any file type is not supported, it will enable you to access that file with different supported app.

  • Press the iCloud icon that is located in the left bottom corner

iCloud Drive

  • Press iCloud Drive

Dokument 5

  • You will be able to access all the files which you have saved from different apps

How To Access Goodreader on iPhone

Just like with the previous app—Documents 5, Goodreader also grants any user fast and efficient access to its iCloud drive data

  1. Start Goodreader app
  2. Press the iCloud icon in the left bottom corner
  3. Next, tap on the iCloud drive
  4. You can now view any file you want

How To Access Cloud Opener

This app is the ultimate solution which will clear every doubt you have had till now about whether the iCloud drive can be easily used. Thanks to Cloud Opener app you can directly access all of the data you have stored in iCloud Drive. The only requirements are that you download the App Store and become a pro user. This is a free app.

  • Start Cloud Opener app

Cloud Opener

  • Press on the Cloud Icon in the bottom left corner
  • Browse thru any file you want

With Cloud Opener you can navigate thru all of your iCloud Drive data with ease.

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