How To Change IMEI Number via Changer Tool of ANY Phone

In this guide will show you how to change IMEI number on any cell phone via IMEI Changer Tool for free APK Software. There is an app which can enable you to change the IMEI number on Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Micromax, Motorola or any Android Device. The unique number of the device will be altered by a special application in any database where the device has been previously registered. The application which you will be using has been developed by a group of software engineers who specialize in phone using technology. Considering the fact that there are many devices on the market which require a new IMEI number in order to set them free from the limitations and restrictions imposed by the network carriers, we believe that this IMEI changer tool will be quite useful.

IMEI Changer

Benefits if Change IMEI number of your smartphone

If you decide to use this software then you will not regret it. It has many benefits and thanks to it, you will be able to use any stolen or lost cell phone without any issues. Another good info is that by changing the IMEI code of your smartphone you will be able to remove all the restriction which your current network carrier has imposed on the smartphone.

So basically by altering this number, you will simultaneously unlock the phone on factory basis and you can use it on any network carrier with any network plan you want.

When the network restrictions are active, the user is not able to insert a different SIM card from other carrier on the device. But, after you change the IMEI code, your device will start working with all SIM cards, regardless of the network carrier.

So now you have really good chance to resolve the factory lock issue on the smartphone, once and for all.

Find Old IMEI Number Before use the IMEI Changer Tool

In case you want to use the IMEI number changer APK, it is essential that you know the old IMEI number of your smartphone. One of the simplest methods to find this code is to dial the number *#06#. After a moment, a new window will pop up and the code will be displayed. Write down this number because it will be required during the IMEI change procedure.

If you still have the original box on which your device was stored after you bought it, then this number can be found on the backside of the box. If for some reason you are unable to find the code, please contact your carrier and they should send you this information.

Also, make sure that you write down this number correctly because in case you make a mistake and provide a wrong number 3 times in a row during the changing procedure, the procedure will be disabled on permanent basis, and the number will not be changed.

The IMEI Changer APK application

How to describe the IMEI changer APK Software? Well, it is simple; this application serves as an online calculator and generator, simultaneously. This means that you can use this service to do a calculation for all the places on which the old IMEI number of your smartphone has been registered in the past and make a calculation on how to remove the code and rewrite it with a new one. Please note that this is really important for your smartphone because once the changing process is completed, it will save you from some possible future problems. There is no room to worry about possible inconveniences while using this tool, because once the IMEI is changed, your device will be as good as new.

The IMEI changer tool is capable of reading all the information on your device only if you provide the current IMEI code. Before you can use this software you will have to connect your device to a computer on which you will install the app. In this post we will provide you with the crucial information on how to make the change, free of charge.

It may sound weird but it is true, there is no need to pay for this service or search for other one, because you have it now right before you, completely for free.

Supported Smartphone models by IMEI Changer

This is the full list of the supported smartphone models on which you can change the IMEI code with this software, tool:

  • iPhone ,iPad, Apple MAC
  • Samsung ,Huawei
  • LG, Sony
  • Nokia, Microsoft
  • HTC, ZTE
  • Blackberry, Kyocera, Lenovo
  • Alcatel, Motorola, ASUS
  • Xiaomi, Micromax
  • Acer, Toshiba

The process of IMEI change will be successful regardless of the mobile carrier to which your device is currently locked to.

How to use the IMEI changer APK tool

To succeed in changing the IMEI code of your smartphone, first you will need to provide the old code of the device into the online generator tool, which of course you can use it for free on our website i our Download Page. Or your can download from the online app for Android IMEI Changer directly from official pages.Android IMEI Changer Tool

After that just follow the instructions bellow:

  • Use USB cable and connect your computer on which you will install the IMEI changer Software and your smartphone
  • Run the application
  • Choose the model of your smartphone from the on-screen list
  • Add the IMEI number
  • Agree with the terms and conditions of the service
  • Press on the Start button
  • Wait around one minute while the verification process takes place
  • The new IMEI code will be shown in a new window
  • Disconnect your smartphone from the computer
  • Dial the number *#06# to check if the old code was replaced with the new IMEI
  • Congratulations, the change has been successfully completed

How To Change IMEI Number on iPhone

imei changer iPhone

Change IMEI Number on iPhone

If have iPhone 7 Plus, 7, 6S, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 or iPad any model and like to change the IMEI number this si official method how to make that on easy way. This is very different of Android phone, and to replace your IMEI code on Apple device only it’s possible by Jailbreak Method. Before start this process must to know that if you change the IMEI code on your iPhone you will lost your Apple Warranty, and this process for Apple device is completely illegal. We from iGuidesBlog tested this method and work very well, in five steps will show you bellow how is need to do.

Step 1: First of all is need to know your IMEI number on your device. you have some method how to find iPhone IMEI number on this guide here. The best and fast is to dialing the *#06# Number and will show you on your screen.

Step 2: Now you can make Jailbreak on your device. For the latest methods how to do that go here for Jailbreak news for any iOS and apple devices.Jailbreak iPhone IMEI

Step 3: When will done the Jailbreak process on your iPhone, then is need to Download the Ziphone Tool to Change the IMEI number.ZiPhone IMEI Changer

Step 4: Now is need to put your iPhone in recovery mode. To do that Press the Sleep/ Wake button and Power Button, then need the hold button till when apple logo is visible. Now is need to release the Sleep/Wake Button. Now will show you the iTunes logo on your device with a cable. Connect your iPhone to the PC.

Step 5: Here is need in extracted files in your PC press on Shift button and then right click, and click on the command prompt.

Step 6: Now is need to Open and type the ZiPhone in windows PC program Command Prompt.

Step 7: Here now is need to enter command ziphone -u -i a(your correct IMEI Number) and to replace with your new IMEI number, you will desired.Change and desired IMEI number

When will do that then is need to wait 2-5 minutes to start and complete reboot iPhone process. Now process it’s complete, your IMEI number will be replaced with your new IMEI number. To check this that work dial *#06# will show you your new IMEI code from your iPhone.

To Change IMEI Number it’s Very Easy Method

Once the IMEI of your smartphone has been replaced, you can use your device with no problems, as if it were new regardless if it was previously reported as stolen or lost. And if you are not satisfied with your current mobile plan, you can use this tool to make the change and switch to a better carrier. We say this because by changing the IMEI code of your smartphone you are also factory unlocking it, which means that you will be able to use any SIM card from all network operators with no issues or restrictions. Do not hesitate; this is the best opportunity to make a change.

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