How to change the storage plan in iCloud on your Mac, PC or iPhone

Right before we start with the instructions on how to alter the storage plan in iCloud on any Apple device, you should know that Apple has announced new prices for the iCloud storage. And there is some good news in it because now the old 20GB storage option has been removed and is being replaced by a new 50GB option which would cost exactly the same $0.99.

Change iCloud Storage Plan

Instructions for changing your iCloud Storage plan

In this guide you will learn how to change the storage plan in iCloud on devices like iPhone, iPad or Windows/Mac computers.

Upgrade the Storage plan in iCloud on iPhone or iPad

To begin, we will first take a look on how to upgrade your existing plan to a newer one.

Having a lot of photos or videos stored on the cloud will certainly result with having storage problems. And in situation like this you sure will be looking for more space. For some, the 5GB free storage space that Apple provides is enough, but there are many of us how keep track of our most memorable moments and take dozens of pictures and videos all the time. So in case you are running low on storage space follow these instructions to upgrade it:

  • Open the settings menu on your iPhone or iPad and tap on iCloud which is right next to Storage option
  • Press on “Buy more Storage option” and choose the plan to which you want to upgrade. After that enter your Apple ID. And that’s all.

Upgrade the Storage plan in iCloud on Mac

In normal circumstances everyone realizes that the MacBook has more than enough space on its hard disc. However, there are situations when you have very important files stored that you do not want to lose when you are formatting the system. So having an extra iCloud storage space would prove to be quite useful.

Follow these instructions to upgrade:

  1. Go to Apple’s Menu and select System preferences
  2. Open iCloud
  3. Select the Manage Option
  4. Find the option “Buy more Storage”. From here select the plan to which you want to upgrade
  5. When prompted, enter your Apple ID password. After you successfully provide the password, the MacBook will automatically upgrade the cloud storage space.

Upgrade the storage plan in iCloud on Windows computer

Regarding the hard disc storage space, the same thing can be said for the PC as for the Mac. It has more than enough. However, as I have previously said there are various reasons on why sometimes an extra storage space may come handy.

So let’s have a look on how to upgrade the storage space of your iCloud account on PC. Note that you must download iCloud for Windows before you can upgrade.

  1. Launch iCloud on your PC and login to your account
  2. Open Storage and after that press on “Buy More Storage:
  3. Choose the option “Change Storage Plan” and press Next

A pop-up message will appear immediately asking you to enter your ID and Password. Once you have, press on the “Buy” button

If you follow these steps described above you will have no problems whatsoever to upgrade the iCloud storage plan on Windows PC.

Learn how to Downgrade the iCloud Storage plan

Considering the fact that the 500GB option no longer exists, for many people the 1TB plan may prove to be a bit expensive. However, you always have the option to downgrade the plan to 200GB of 50GB. You can do that easily by simply following the instructions bellow

Instructions for downgrade of iCloud storage plan on iPad or iPhone

  • Open the settings menu and choose iCloud
  • Next, tap on Storage
  • Press on Change Storage plan
  • Now tap on Downgrade Options
  • Choose your preferable plan and press “Done” once you have decided

Make sure that you downgrade he plan only when the present plan expires because you will end up losing the extra space for which you previously paid.

Downgrade the iCloud storage plan on Mac computer

The downgrade process is quite similar with the upgrade for Mac users.

  1. Open Apple’s Menu and navigate to System Preferences
  2. From System Preferences open iCloud
  3. Press on manage and after that press on Change Storage Plan
  4. Select the downgrade options
  5. When prompted enter your Apple ID and password
  6. Choose a different plan and press Done to apply the changes

Downgrade the iCloud Storage Plan on Windows computer

The downgrade process of iCloud’s storage plan on Windows is similar with the upgrade.

  • Launch iCloud on your computer
  • Click on Storage and choose Storage Plan
  • Select Downgrade Options
  • When asked, enter your Apple ID and password and press on manage
  • Choose your preferable plan to which you want to downgrade the iCloud storage and press done to apply

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