How To Delete Multiple Contacts On Your iPhone Via iCloud at Once Time

xLike every other modern gadget, the iPhone requires that you keep it neat and clean on regular basis. And when some data becomes useless it is always a good idea to delete it in order to get the much needed extra space. Occasionally cleaning your iPhone from unwanted or abundant data is actually quite good for the device and is recommended that you do it as often as you can. And while you delete many unnecessary files from your device, you should also remember to take a look at your contact list and remove the ones you no longer need.

It is a habit of all of us to pile up as many contacts in our contact list with whom we almost never get in touch. And sometimes the excessive number of contacts can get annoying and bothersome. On iPhone it is a bit complicated to delete multiple contacts at once, so you are left with the option to remove them one by one. But, this can take a lot of time.

delete contacts on iPhone

So how to remove multiple iPhone contacts at once?

Fortunately, your iCloud account can help you with this. Unlike with the Android phones, where the option to delete more contacts at once is easily available, on iOS devices this is not as simple. But it is feasible. Note that in order for this to work you will be required to sync your iOS devices on iCloud.

So assuming that you already did, let’s have a look on how to delete several contacts at once on iOS device.

Toggle the iCloud Backup ON

  • Open the Settings menu on your iPhone and press on iCloud
  • Go to the bottom until you see Backup and press on itdelete contact by icloud on iphone
  • Now simply toggle the iCloud Backup switcher to ON position

Remember that the entire Backup procedure may take up to several hours until it is completed. And in order for the backup to be completed make sure you have good Wi-Fi connection.

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Instructions for deleting multiple iPhone contacts via iCloud

  • Launch iCloud and login to your account
  • Select Contacts
  • In case you are Mac user, hold down the Command button and after that press on every contact you wish to remove. In case you are Windows user, press on each contact while holding down the Control (Ctrl) button. In this way you will be enabled to delete several contacts at once
  • Next, you can either press on Delete button from your keyboard or click on the Show Actions Menu which is on the bottom left
  • Press on Delete

The changes will take action as long as you have your contacts sync enabled.

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