How To Delete Voicemail on iPhone Completely

This is an easy full guide how to delete voicemail on iPhone 7 Plus, 7, 6s, 6, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, 4 via simple remove Messages method for free. One of the most important features that many phones have is the Voicemail. Thanks to it, your incoming or outgoing calls can be recorded with digital recording system, which makes the phone technology the right choice to make communication among two parties when one party is unable to return the call at real time. 

Knowing this, Apple who is the biggest mobile manufacturer company in the world, also offers voice mail feature for their users. It can be found under the “Phone” tab, and the user can even set this service with their own password. It is important to know that, just like the phone memory, it is possible to reach the memory limit of a voice mail as well. So once you are at the edge, it is important to know how to delete the voicemail messages on your iPhone, because the message box won’t record any future messages, which may be important to you.

Delete Voicemail on iPhone

Because of that, in this short article, we will teach you how to delete your voicemail or voice messages on iPhone permanently. There are there methods to do this:

Delete a single voicemail on iPhone

  1. Press on the phone icon and tap on “voice mail”, which is at the bottom right corner. You will be redirected to the “Voice mail” menuVoicemail
  2. You will see all of your voicemail there. Tap on the particular voice mail you want to delete, and an option “delete” will be shown. You can also access the delete option by swiping right to leftDelete Voicemail
  3. Just tap on delete, and you will remove that particular voice mail from the list

As you can see this is a simple procedure. Still, remember that with his method you won’t delete the voice mail messages permanently; instead it will only remove them from the voice mail list.

Delete multiple voicemails on iPhone

Instead of deleting only one, you can delete several voicemails with only one click, which of course can save you a lot of time.

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To do this just follow the provided instructions bellow:

  1. Click on “Voice mail” under the iPhone icon to open the voice mail list
  2. Press on “Edit” which is found at the top right corner of the windowEdit Voicemail
  3. Select the voicemail messages you want to delete. The selected voicemail messages will be highlighted so you can properly see your selectionSelect Voicemail Messages
  4. To remove them, press on the “delete” button which is at the bottom coronerDelete multiple voicemails

With this method, you can delete more voice mail messages with only a single click. This feature will surely come in handy when you do not have the time to tap on the voice mail and delete option over and over again.

How to permanently clear all the deleted voicemail on iPhone

As we have mentioned before, the two previous methods will not delete the voicemails on permanent basis. They will only become hidden from the Inbox list, and they will remain on the iPhone’s memory until you clear them out completely.

You can find the deleted voice mail messages hidden under the “deleted messages “tab. If you want to remove them permanently, then you need to manually clear them.

If you no longer have need of the deleted voice mail messages and you want to permanently remove them from the memory of your iPhone, and then follow these instructions:

  • Firstly, tap on the iPhone icon
  • Next, tap on the “Voicemail” icon which is located at the bottom right corner
  • In case you have already deleted your voice mails, then all that you need to do is to find the “deleted messages” and tap on them
  • Next, you will be shown an option “Clear all” which will allow you to completely wipe out the “deleted messages” folderclear deleted voicemail on iPhone

Thanks to this process, it is possible to permanently delete all the voice mails you have saved on your iPhone, with one simple click. Once you have conducted the removal of the messages, then there will be absolutely no trace left of them on your device. Hopefully this short article will be of a help to you and it will assist you to manage your voice mail messages properly.

The three methods explained above are very simple and easy to follow and we have no doubt that you will have no trouble following them. In case you have any additional questions or inquires related to how to remove the voice mail on your iPhone on permanent basis, feel free to post a comment bellow.

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