How To Download iEmulators for iPhone – Emulator For iOS Devices

In this short iOS Emulator guide will learn how to install and download iEmulator for iPhone. This is Emulator for iOS on any version. As always, the technological breakthrough always brings us new innovations and quickly makes us forget the tech of yesterday. The same applies to the gaming platforms which we were formerly using. As you may remember, the Game boy Advance was a giant in the gaming industry more than a decade ago, and it was probably the platform you were using to dive deeply into the realm of fantasy games. Currently, the trend of playing the old classic games is starting to gain momentum one more time, and what can be better than using an iOS platform to do so.

Even though the iOS Emulator environment may not allow for the old software infrastructures to effectively run, still there are many emulators which will enable you to go round this.

Download iEmulator for iPhone

NO JAILBREAK Needed – Get the iEmulator app for any iPhone

Even though the majority of the available platforms would require that you jailbreak your iOS device before you can install them on your iPhone, the iEmulator is quite different. You can download this emulator for free and use some emulator apps such as the Happy Chick, GBA4iOS or Delta Emulator.

Option to install iEmulator iOS App from Buildstore

Previously the iEmulator was a single standalone platform, but recently they have merged with MacbuildServer and developed even better emulator based platform known as the Buildstore. This platform-the Buildstore is a better version of the iEMulator maintaining all its functions but with better efficiency. Still, keep in mind that this service is not free and it will cost you $9.99 to register. After you have successfully registered your Emulator for iOS device, the majority of the emulators that are branded under iEmulators will be downloaded and can be run on the iOS device that has the Buildstore installed.

The Buildstore platform can be used for one year exactly, and if the user wishes to continue using it for longer period, it will be required that you renew the contract and make the payment again. However, the payment is not that low, so it is recommended that if you are using Buildstore, to download all of the required emulators as long as you have the original one year subscription.

What happens when the first year expires?

The subscription and the certificate which an iOS user will receive thru the registration of Buildstore or iEMulator app lasts 365 days. After the certificate expires, the emulator will stop functioning and in order to use it again, you will need to pay additional $9.99 and buy the certificate again. It may be inconvenient however this is the price you need to pay for not jailbreaking your iOS device.

Installation of iEmulator App on iOS device

To install the iEMulator or Buildstore application on your iDevice it is not hard, but still, you won’t find these apps in the iTunes section, simply because Apple does not offer legal support for these types of emulators. The iEMulator currently works on iOS 9.3.5 version, and with current testing and development to allow it to work on a device with Emulator for iOS 10 or newer.

Installation guide for iEMulator on iOS:

  • It is required that you have stable internet connection simply because the data files which you will download are big
  • Launch the Safari browser on your iPhone and visit this link to download the iEmulator
  • Now, install the program
  • Once you pass by the confirmations prompted by the program, it will be installed successfully

What can be said about the iEMulator if not that it is one amazing platform which will surely come in handy for more advanced users. Still, please keep in mind that in case your iPhone starts malfunctioning due to the installation of the emulator, nobody will bear responsibility for that.

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