Download and Install iNDS Emulator for all iPhones on iOS 10.2 – 10.3.2

In this short guide will talk about how to Download iNDS Emulator on iPhone and how to install for iOS iOS 10.2 and IOS 10.3.2 version for free. If there was a popularity contest between the gaming console emulators, then there is little doubt that the Nintendo DS Emulators will win by great margins. Currently, many developers use different approaches to make the Nintendo DS games to run on iOS devices and to replicate the same gaming experience. In this short guide will learn about GBA Emulator for iPhone how to install and use full guide.

Download iNDS Emulator for all iPhone

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch which was released on the market in the last 2 years, then you are more than qualified to use the Nintendo DS emulators on iOS 10 without the requirement of jailbreak. We have already tested the iNDS emulator for the Nintendo DS platform on iPhone with iOS 10 and it worked perfectly. Bellow you can find our experience described in detail.

Compatibility of the iNDS Emulator and iPhone

Currently it is confirmed that the iNDS Emulator works on iOS 10.2 and newer. The emulator works on older versions such as the iOS 9 or iOS 8 as well, but it is a bit buggy and does not offer good overall experience.

How To Install and Download iNDS Emulator on iPhone

  • First, it is required that you download the installer file for the iNDS Emulator. You must download the installer directly into your iPhone using your Safari web browser. Visit the following page iemulators.com/inds to get the iNDS Emulator.
  • Once the emulator is downloaded, click on the installer, Scroll down on the page and find the iNDS logo. Tap on the icon and the installation will begin. Shortly afterwards, the iOS will prompt you for permission to install the iNDS.
  • Allow the installation to take place by pressing “Install”
  • The entire installation procedure will take some time. While still in progress an app Icon for the iNDS emulator will be placed on the home screen, grayed out and showing the progress of the installation- which is exactly the same as for any other app installation in iOS.
  • After a while, the installation should be finished. Still, you won’t be able to run the app right away. Due to the download source being unknown and from uncertified location, you will need to manually adjust the download source.
  • To do this, open Settings and go to General—Profiles and Device Management. If you have older iOS version, the navigation may be Settings—General—Device Management or Settings—General—Profile.
  • Locate the iNDS title and press on “Trust”. Press on “Trust” one more time and the permission confirmation will pop up.
  • Once you have completed all the steps above, you can start the iNDS emulator app on your iOS device from the home screen of your iPhone.

What if the iNDS emulator for iPhone encounters installation error?

It may occur that the installation or the certification validation process suddenly stops. In a case like this, side load the iNDS emulator app to your iOS device using the Cydia Impactor. In this case please note that you will need the IPA files for iNDS emulator.

After you have successfully installed the emulator, you will be able to immediately use it and play any of the classic Nintendo DS Games.

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