Download and Install NDS4iOS for iPhone Without Jailbreak

Here will find instructions how to Download NDS4iOS Emulator on iPhone for iOS 10.2.3, iOS 10.3.2 and other version, no need Jailbreak. Sure enough, the days when Nintendo DS was dominating the gaming industry are long gone; however the memories of us having fun playing our beloved games surely will not cease to exist. Most of us will reminisce the good old days when we were growing up, eagerly waiting to get our hands on this amazing handheld gaming console. That was a time when nobody was even imagining that a day will come when a new technology embedded into a small parchment of plastic known as the iPhone will allow us to once again revive those memories and enjoy playing the old Nintendo DS games.

Download NDS4iOS Emulator

Still, simply owning a device such as the iPhone will not enable you to play the Nintendo DS games. You will need a proper gaming emulator to do so, and what can be better choice than the NDS4iOS emulator. This is an emulator which was specially developed to enable the iOS users to enjoy the gaming experience which the NDS games were offering back in the days.

Fast Download of NDS4ioS Nintendo Emulator for iPhone iOS 10

The iOS app store has plenty of emulators capable of emulating the Nintendo DS gamin environment and allows the users to install and play any game from the Nintendo platform. However, in order to get the best gaming experience while playing the NDS games, it is recommended that you use an iPhone 5 or later version. The fact that the configuration of the iPhone 5 meets the requirements, still, the larger display of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S will bring more joy and enhance the gaming experience.

The emulator which we recommend using to play NDS games is quite new and it requires at least iOS 10 to successfully operate. This means that you will be able to run this emulator only on new iPhone devices which support this iOS version. The NDS4ioS serves as both, a Nintendo DS Game store and emulator app on your iPhone.

NDS4iOS Emulator for iPhone

In order to download and use the NDS4ioS emulator on your device it is not required that you jailbreak your iPhone. Of course, this is great news for any users knowing that currently there is no official jailbreak release for iOS 10.

How To Install NDS4iOS Emulator on iPhone

The installation of the NDS4iOS is really simple on any iPhone that runs on iOS 10 or newer version. You only need a good internet connection and little bit of time to follow our step by step instructions.

Download NDS4ioS iPhone app – No jailbreak needed

  1. Check that your internet connection is secure and fast and start your Safari browser. Visit this web site: emulators.com/inds.
  2. The download button for the NDS4ioS app will be in the top right corner. Press the button and the NDS4iOS will be automatically downloaded
  3. Now tap twice on the downloaded file and the installation will begin. Prior to this, you will be prompted for permission to install the app. Confirm and allow the procedure to take place.
  4. The installation should be completed soon. Once it is finished, visit Settings—General—Profiles and look for a new profile. This profile must be trusted in order to allow the NDS4iOS to successfully work on your Apple device.

That’s it, now you will be able to play any Nintendo Game on your iPhone

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