Download PPSSPP Emulator for iPhone 7 Plus 7 6s 6 5s 5c 5 4s 4 any iOS

Here will lear how to install PPSSPP Emulator on your iPhone for iOS 10 and more, Download PPSSPP Emulator for free. Before the smartphone era, one of the most popular gaming consoles was the Playstation portable or PSP. Those were the times when you could turn on your PSP and enjoy playing all the games you want. Most of those games back in the days were available on CD or memory sticks. Also the most popular it’s GBA Emulator for iPhone, here will find more info.

Sure enough, you cannot compare the graphics output back then with the current smartphone games, however in PSP defense, we can say that the joy at least was original.

Download PPSSPP Emulator for iPhone

The fact that we all have iPhones nowadays does not mean that we should long forget the PSP games of our early teenage days. There are many emulator programs which operate on iOS 10 and which can enable you to run any PSP game, right away without jailbreak. 

How to install the PPSSPP Emulator on your iPhone iOS 10

You will find the entire installation guide for the PPSSPP emulator on iOS 10 devices here. The iOS 9 and iOS 10 users can follow the instructions as described, while there might be some differences if you are using older iOS version.

The biggest advantage of the PPSSPP emulator is that you do not have to own a jailbroken iPhone to use it. This means that the integrity of your iOS device will remain intact. 

  1. Download the PPSSPP IPA files directly from the developer’s site, right here. Because you cannot download it thru the App store, you won’t find any APP store link for PPSSPP.
  2. After the IPA files have finished downloading, you will need to install them via Xcode or Cydia Impactor. Even though the Cydia is incorporated with jailbreaking, still you do not need to do an actual jailbreak.
  3. Connect your iPhone with a computer that has iTunes installed

How to use Xcode:

  • Get the PPSSPP swift source code file, which can be found within the IPA file.
  • Type the following codes in the Terminal Window to side load the file into your iOS device:
  • sudo gem install cocoapods;
  • git clone yourappURL; cd yourapp; pod install
  • Now , chance all of your app prefixes with the URL of your app’s code directory

How to use Cydia Impactor:

  1. Download the app directly from our downloads site
  2. Install the Cydia Impactor thru the program’s interface
  3. Now drag and drop the IPA file for PPSSPP which you have previously downloaded
  4. Follow the on screen instructions and the app will be side-loaded
  5. The app icon will be shown in the Home screen; however the app will not be able to run yet because the certificates need to be verified first.
  6. To sign the digital certificates open Settings—General—Profile and Device Management and find the certificate that relates to PPSSPP.
  7. Press “Trust” and when iOS prompts you for confirmation, tap on “Trust” again
  8. After you have completed the verification successfully, the PPSSPP will automatically start.
  9. Download any PPSSPP compatible ROMs files on your iPhone to start playing the PSP games on your devicePPSSPP Emulator iPhone

IOS compatibility of the PPSSPP emulator

During our test with an iPhone with iOS 10, the PPSSPP has worked without issues.

We have also discovered that the installation via Xcode is more developer friendly, however for a normal user; it is recommended that you install the PPSSPP code emulator via Cydia Impactor.

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