Download RecBoot for Enter or Exit of iPhone’s Recovery Mode

Now will show you about how to Download RecBoot Software to Enter or Exit from iPhone Recovery Mode for free. How come downloading the Recboot tool as soon as possible for any iPhone owner has become a priority? Well apparently that seems to be the case due to the fact that entering your iPhone into Recovery mode can be really necessary and important at some times. For example when your iPhone does not want to start properly or it is frozen showing only the Apple logo when turning on, the user is not left with many options but to enter the device into recovery mode.

Download RecBoot

Several methods exists which can enter your Apple iPad, iPod touch or iPhone into recovery mode. For instance, the standard method require from the user to press a specific combo of buttons. Still, the procedure is becoming even simpler as new software is being developed and one of the best utility apps which can enable you to quickly access and exist out of recovery mode is RecBoot.

RecBoot features overview – Download

There is no doubt that with RecBoot you will have to put minimum effort to enter your Apple device into Recovery mode. Here is simple overview of this software:

  • Software download possible only with the correct name of your device, current model and the installed version of the firmware
  • RecBoot offers Option to fix the iTunes 1015 error
  • In case your device has fallen into loop, RecBoot offers Option to bring back the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch out of the loop

RecBoot iPhone Recovery Mode

You can download the Recboot with one click of a button directly from our website completely free of charge. Both, Mac and Windows users can install it without any lingering compatibility issues.

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Once you have downloaded and installed RecBoot on your computer, then the rest of the procedure will be quite easy. RecBoot has small interface consisting only of two buttons- Enter Recovery Mode and Exit Recovery mode. Now, according to your need, you can click on any of these two buttons and the rest will be automatically done, without any need of user activity. Also this guide here will help you how to install Mac OS in recovery mode step by step.

Recboot instructions- How to enter Recovery Mode

If you have planned to do an iTunes restore, but you also want to enter your iPhone into recovery mode, then all that is required is to use the Recboot to enter the device into Recovery mode.

Follow these short instructions to do so:

  • With USB cable connect your computer and iPhone and launch RecBoot
  • Press the “Enter Recovery” button
  • Now the device will be put into recovery mode
  • iTunes will automatically detect the iPhone which was put into recovery mode

How to enter recovery mode via iTunes

All Apple devices can be put into recovery mode via iTunes. This is a free and official piece of software which can be downloaded directly from Apple’s website. And you being an Apple device owner, the chances that you already have the newest iTunes version installed on your computer are big.

Please note that right before you try to put the device into recovery mode using iTunes, first you should connect it to the computer with your connector cable. Once you have done so, press simultaneously both the Home and Sleep/Wake button and hold them down together till the display turns black.

Recovery Mode by iTunes

Now, release the sleep/Wake button but keep holding the Home Button till the iTunes shows you a notification on your computer’s screen that it has detected your Apple device to be put into recovery mode.

How to exit Recovery mode with RecBoot

  1. First connect the iPhone and computer
  2. Start the Recboot app
  3. Press on “Exit Recovery mode” button
  4. The iPhone will now be restarted and will start in normal way 

How come Recboot is recommended for any Apple device?

Under normal circumstances, it is possible to access and exit recovery mode with iTunes. However, in case there is a malfunction of the sleep/wake or home button on the iPhone, then it could become really hard to use iTunes to do so.

And this is where Recboot comes to save the day. All that is needed to do is to connect the apple device and the computer and the rest of the procedure will be done by Recboot. Currently, Recboot works on Windows 7, 8 and 10a s well as on any MAC OS version. You can download RecBoot from our official page here.

So if you ever have the need to use other application to enter your Apple device into recovery mode besides iTunes, than Recboot is the safe choice.

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