Download ReiBoot To Fix iPhone Recovery Mode

Here will download ReiBoot Tool for free and will lear how to exit from Recovery mode your iPhone. Why everyone recommends downloading Reiboot? Well that is the case because this piece of software is considered to be the best when it comes to rebooting of Apple devices. Thanks to this tool you can easily exit recovery mode even if your Home button does not work. Once the Reiboot software is downloaded, you can restart your apple device which can run on any iOS version.

Exit Recovery Mode by ReiBoot

If the iPhone has its gateway out or it has frozen when turning on showing only the Apple logo, then Reiboot will help you out.

In matter of fact, it is of no importance even if your Apple device has got stuck while you were doing jailbreak or you were updating the iOS version.

Reiboot is compatible with both, MAC and PC

Reiboot is free software which is compatible with MAC and Windows computers. The newest version of the app can be downloaded using this links.

Thanks to Reiboot you can overcome any issue which your iPhone has, by simply forcing a reboot. And there is no room for worries, because no chances will be made and there is no risk of data loss or internal software damage.

You can use Reiboot to restart any iOS device which uses iOS version bellow iOS 10.

The system requirements for the program to work correctly are: 1 GHz processor, 200MB disc space, 256 MB RAM memory and a MAC OS (or newer) or Windows XP (or newer). For the some problem to fix recovery mode it’s possible to help you and RecBoot tool to do that.

Instructions for Recovery Mode Exit with Reiboot

When Reiboot is downloaded, you will need to exit the recovery mode.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Use USB cable and connect the iPhone with your computer
  2. Start Reiboot and confirm that your device was detected
  3. Press the green button that says “Exit recovery mode”ReiBoot iPhone

Instructions to enter Recovery Mode with Reiboot

To enter recovery mode with Reiboot follow this pattern:

  1. Use USB cable and connect the iPhone with your computer
  2. Press on “Trust” to grant permission to use Reiboot
  3. Press “Enter Recovery Mode”ReiBoot Exit Recovery Mode

When you need to utilize Reiboot?

Reiboot can be used when:

  • The iPhone has crashed during firmware update and the Red iTunes logo won’t go away
  • The iPhone has been put into recovery mode after failing to do iTunes identification
  • During jailbreak boot loop occurred
  • During upgrade/downgrade from IPSW saved files

Reiboot DFU Mode functions:

Reiboot also has the following uses for iPhone DFU mode:

  • Home button is not working
  • iTunes has failed the identification for your device
  • The device restarts in loop
  • Blank Screen keeps showing (DFU mode problem)
  • Apple logo keeps displaying but with no progress
  • During iOS update the device becomes frozen or inactive

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