How To Fix Frozen iPhone 7 Plus 7 6+ 6 5S 5C 5 4S 4 Issue

If is happen to show you iPhone Frozen Problem, then in this guide will learn how to fix frozen iPhone issue or Unfreeze for any apple models in five steps for free. Are you experiencing problems with your iPhone? Does it freezes from time to time and nothing else happens? Perhaps you have tried to press the Power button or to swipe the screen, or you have tried every other thing you could possibly think, but unfortunately nothing works and the device remains unusable? Well, if that is the case, then in this article we will teach you how to fix a frozen iPhone, as well as why the freezing has occurred in the first place and how you can prevent it.

Unfortunately, there are several reasons on why your device may freeze in the first place, and in order to prevent this from happening on permanent basis, it is required that you discover the root of the problem. Of course, the issue can occur due to a software or hardware problem respectively, but in most cases the root of the problem is a software issue.

Fix Frozen iPhone

Five easy steps to repair your frozen iPhone

In case of frozen iPhone do hard reset. In this way the device will be unfrozen but only if the iPhone was caused to freeze due to hardware issue. Regardless of what caused the issue, a hard reset is the first step taken to fix a frozen iPhone. In order to do this, hold down the Power and Home button together for around 10 seconds. Once you see the Apple logo, let go the buttons.

If hard reset does not fix the issue for you, then the problem may be with the battery or the OS, so try fixing them to resolve this problem to Unfreeze iPhone.We have some good tools to unfreeze the iPhone called ReiBoot and Recboot. Will find more informations for this guides here on our blog.

iPhone Backup

iPhone Backup

When you have tried to fix your frozen iPhone, in case the device has successfully rebooted, then immediately create a backup, in case the freezing issue occurs again. It is recommended that you do an iTunes backup, as well as an iCloud backup, to make sure that you have saved all the data in two different locations.

Check the app that caused the Frozen iPhone problem

Some services or apps can cause your iPhone to freeze. One particular service that can cause this is CoreTime. This app keeps track of your iPhone’s time and date and it is always running in the background like all other services. In order to check which service exactly has caused the problem, do this:

  1. Check if you were using an app when the freeze has happened
  2. Check the latest apps you have installed
  3. See if a setting change of some app has caused the problem
  4. See if your iPhone has frozen when you have used a particular app
  5. Remove the app which caused the iPhone freeze

What to do when the freeze has been caused by a built-in app?

The built-in apps cannot be deleted, so your only choice is to try to fix them. Navigate to Settings—and the app which you think has caused the problem.

For instance, check if your username and password in the mail app are correctly set. Or for Safari app, open settings and clear all the History.

Check Diagnostics and Usage

It is not possible to determinate the reason behind the iPhone freeze. Try to open Settings-Privacy-Diagnostics and Usage- Diagnostics and Usage Data. In case you notice apps that are listed more than once and if there is any app which is listed right next to “Latest Crash: then the freeze issue can be caused by that app.

Try to reset all Settings to unfreeze iPhone

Reset All Settings on iPhone

If you are not sure which app is causing your iPhone to freeze, then perhaps you can try to restore all the Settings to their default state, without deleting any of your data.

To do Settings Reset go to Settings-General-Reset-Reset All Settings.

This is a proven method than can fix a frozen iPhone. Bellow have full video guide how to do that:

Extreme measures to repair a frozen iPhone

If none of the above mentioned methods has not helped you, then you can try to restore your iPhone.

Connect the device to your computer and start iTunes. If iTunes does not recognize your device, do a Hard Reboot. Still, please remember that this is the last resort measure, because with this method all the data on your device will be deleted. And in case you didn’t create an iCloud or iTunes backup, all the data will be permanently gone.

Fix the Hardware problem

Frozen iPhone Hardware problem

In case the iTunes Restore dint help you, then perhaps the root of the problem lies in the hardware. Sometimes even a small water drop can cause a process or battery damage. So try to arrange for your frozen iPhone to be repaired by authorized Apple service.

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