Full tutorial on how to use Apple TV Remote directly from the iOS 11 Control center

With the addition of the new Apple TV remote Control center, controlling the Apple TV has become a piece of cake on iOS 11. Now it is so simple to leisurely navigate thru your TV channels directly from your iPhone. If you think that Siri did not get the job done right and you are inclined toward trying out a much more efficient software remote, then follow our full tutorial on how to set up and use Apple TV remote directly from the iOS 11 Control Center.

With this software remote it will be very easy to navigate thru the TV menu, and you will even be able to control more than one connected Apple TV. In addition, there will be an option to forward/backward or skip tracks that are currently being played.

Apple TV Remote iOS 11 Control

Easy method to add Apple TV Remote to the Control Center on iPad or iPhone

  • On your iOS device open Settings and tap on Control Center
  • Turn on the switch which is right next to Access within Apps
  • Now, Tap on Customize Controls
  • Next, Tap the “+” button which is on the left side of the Apple TV Remote

Control your Apple TV directly from the Control Center of your iPhone or iPad


Make sure that you use the same Wi-Fi connection for your iPhone and Apple TV

  • Swipe from the bottom of the screen on your iPhone to bring up the Control CenteriOS 11 Control Center
  • Tap on the Apple TV Button to launch the controls
  • Now, to control your Apple TV, you need to swipe sideways, swipe up/down in the middle. Basically, this works just the same as a touchpad.
  • To navigate the menus, swipe over the pad
  • When you want to select items, just tap on them. To fast forward or rewind during playback, swipe or tap.
  • In case you are prompted for keyboard entry in the menu, a keyboard will appear on the screen
  • When something is playing you will notice the buttons to skip forward or backward for 10 seconds
  • The Play/Pause button will be located on the bottom left side
  • Just Press on the Play button to start playing some of your favorite items, instead of going to iTunes Extra Menu
  • If you press and hold the Home Button for several seconds you will get the option to put your TV to sleep. (please note that if you have more than one connected TV, the other connected TV will also be put into sleep mode)
  • You can ask Siri by pressing and holding down the Siri button on the bottom right. The answer will be shown on your TV screen
  • To get back a level just press the Menu button
  • To gain access to the app switcher of your Apple TV, double tap on the Home button. When in the app switcher, you will be able to swipe between apps.
  • To force quite any app, just swipe it up

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Important!!! The software remote does not provide volume buttons, so unfortunately you won’t be able to adjust your TV volume.

How to restart your Apple TV using your iPhone or iPad software remote

Thanks to the software remote you can easily reboot your Apple TV.

  • Hold down together the Home button and Play/Pause
  • Once you see the light on your Apple TV blinking, release the buttons
  • The Apple TV will restart now

Learn how to control multiple Apple TVs with your IPhone or iPad

  • Start by swiping up from the bottom of the screen to gain access to the Control center
  • Tap on the name of your Apple TV which is located on the top to reveal the list of all the connected Apple TVs on the network
  • Now, select the Apple TV you want to control


Thanks to the addition of the software TV remote in the Control Center, now it is much easier to control the Apple TV, right? And in the latest version of the iOS, the Control Center was redesigned, so it is clear now that it offers a lot more functions than before. For example, now you can customize it to meet your needs better. And the best part is that it works on non-3D touch devices as well.

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