How To Hide Books in iBooks on iPhone, Mac and iPad by Tricks

While it is a habit of mine to download a lot iBooks on my iPhone 6S, still I also have the habit of syncing these iBooks on my Mac and iPhone, because I often get the desire to read them on larger screen. However, by doing this there is a big change that they will end up being read by someone else as well.

I pay a lot of money for my iBooks and I do not feel like sharing it with anyone. That is why I have searched and found a way to hide my iCloud books in iBooks. And the procedure is quite simple.

Hide Books in iBooks

Learn how to hide iCloud books in iBooks

  • To begin, from the Home Screen on your iPhone tap on “iBooks”
  • Next, from the bottom menu tap on”My Books” option. Next, tap on “All books”
  • From the bottom of your device screen a menu will pop-up. At the bottom of the screen you will notice the “Hide iCloud Books” option
  • Disable this option by pressing the switcher to “OFF”

With these steps you will be able to hide any book in iCloud which is not downloaded yet. In case you want to show some books form the iCloud, make sure that you tap on the cloud download button to finish the download of the books first before you go and hide them.

Hide iBooks on iPhone

With the instructions above you can hide your books on iPhone and iPad, but it is also possible to hide your iCloud books on a Mac too.

Learn how to Hide your iCloud books on your Mac

  • On your Mac, launch the iBooks app. Next, click on the tab “All Books”
  • Press on “Sort By” option which is located in the right hand corner. Next, form the drop down menu, press on “Hide iCloud Books”

If you have a lot of iBooks, it is understandable that you may want to hide some of them due to their content. So thanks to the instructions above you will be able to decide which books you want to keep hidden and which not.

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