How To Fax From Phone Free Any Document

On this guide will talk for mobile fax to show you how can i fax from my phone for free any type of document. Normally it is possible to sign a document in PDF format from your PC, tablet or mobile phone and send it via email to somebody. However, some organizations due to private reasons do to not accept mails and work with fax only.

When you think about fax then the first thing that crosses your mind are the old and large land line phones or fax machines. And to make things worse you cannot use your brand new smartphone as a fax machine. But, that does not mean that you cannot do something about it. You only need to install a third party service application which works in the same way as sending a fax from your computer.

Fax From Phone Free

Not Free Services To Send Fax From Phone

Unfortunately there isn’t an app available which will allow you to send unlimited number of taxes for free. All the apps in this category cost money (in case you need to use them occasionally). Of course there are some apps which may allow you to fax from phone a few pages for free until you get the gist out of the app, but remember, no more than a few!!! This is the case because these services need to keep the phone number and the interface with the telephone network for you. Since your smartphone cannot act as a dial-up modem, the servers of the service are doing the heavy lifting for you.

Still, even though these type of services are not free, in the long run they can save you money and be much more convenient than their counterparts such as using the cell phone fax machine from the local store, or buying and setting up your own fax from my phone. In the long run both of them will turn out to be slightly more expensive in case you only need to send a few faxes.

And with the services we recommend, the entire job will be completed electronically. You will be able to sing and fill out the documents in PDF format and fax from cell phone them.

Fax Apps for Android or iPhone Phone’s

Fax a Document

Open the App store and type “fax”, and you will be shown several options. Unfortunately as we have said, none of these apps are available for free, offering only a test period of sending a limited number of fax from phone free pages before they start charging you.

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Still this is not the only issue when it comes to using apps to send fax from phone because in most cases when you are sending some documents, personal information is included, so it is very important that you use a reliable and trustworthy service application.

eFax, MyFax for infrequent users:

Do you need to send only a handful of faxes from time to time? Well then, your obvious choice should be eFax which is a company which has the bragging rights to say that they are the ones who invented the digital faxing. Their mobile fax app is pretty handy and enables the user to send and receive faxes.

Another great service is MyFax, which is an app that allows you to send up to 10 pages free of charge. Even though it’s not much, still for some reason this is more than enough for some people who do not need to send fax from phone often.

In case you have a need to fax more pages, then it is recommended that you switch to regular plan.

Both of the above mentioned apps have solid reputation and are owned by companies which have been in the business for years. Even though they may not be equipped with the security features which RingCentral and app which we will discuss bellow, still they are quite safe to use.

Frequent users – RingCentral Fax

When you need to send important faxes constantly, or if you work for a company that it requires you to, then the obvious choice should be the RingCentral Mobile Fax apps, which partly is owned by AT&T and Cisco. This app has a lot of security features and can support multiple users with a separate fax lines.

In addition, RingCentral Fax also has one of the best mobile apps which enable you to deal with faxing in fast and efficient way. On top of that it is possible to send fax from phone via email messages as well.
Besides this, the application also has other features such as possibility to get toll-free number, to integrate with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or Outlook as well as security features for people who are sending secure and sensitive information.

Depending on your needs, there is a possibility to sign into one of the cheap plans which RingCentral Mobile Fax offers that costs only $7 per month and you can cancel the subscription after a month or two.

Send fax from phone via Email

If you own Blackberry, Windows Phone, Fire tablet, or device with some other OS, then you can always sign up for MyFax, eFax or RingCentral and use their website to send a fax from my phone. Or, you can use their email feature to transmit the message as a fax.

Faxing Over Email

Most of the online Mobile fax providers have the option to allow the user to send faxes via email to the number you are trying to fax, in a combination with custom editing. For example in case you are trying to fax from phone using the number 01999-222-444, you will have to send the email message in the following format: 01999222444@emailfax.com.

The possibility of sending faxes via email really comes in hand for many people, especially when you know that there is no need to install an extra app.

To conclude, there is no best mobile fax application. It is up to you to decide which one suits your needs the best. If you only need to send a few pages per month then the basic subscription offer of RingCentral or eFax may be the best. However, if you need to send the fax from phone quickly, then MyFax may be more convenient.

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