How To Mirror iPhone or iPad to Apple TV

Did you have problem how to mirror iPhone or your iPad to Apple TV device, here will learn how to do that. If you are an Apple user who did not have the time to explore all the features and options your device has to offer, then perhaps our short guide will help you better understand the functionality and the options your device has. In this short guide we will explain to you how to mirror the display of your iPhone or iPad to your Apple TV.

And do not worry, this is not a complicated procedure, and it can be done really easy.

Thanks to this method, you can enjoy watching your favorite movies or videos on the big screen without much of an effort. And do not worry, this can be done completely cost free, from the comfort of your home.

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The first time the concept of mirroring an iPhone to Apple TV was introduced back in 2010 with the launch of the application Airplay. And to the surprised of many, it took over the users by storm, due to its all around functionality.

Perhaps one of the best part about this application is that it is wireless. And back in those days, everyone was carrying around their HDMI cables in the backpacks or connect two devices. But thanks to this app, that is no longer the case.

How to setup Airplay on Apple TV

Before you can mirror your iPhone to an Apple TV, it is required that the Airplay is setup on the Apple TV.

Setup Instructions:

  • On the Apple TV, open the Settings tab
  • A variety of different options will be shown under device’s settings. You should see here the Airplay option as well. Click on itApple Tv settings
  • Clicking on Airplay, you will enter its exclusive settings. Set the settings for Airplay on your TV, the way you think it suits you the best. You can switch it “ON” or “OFF”, change the name of the device, or add security when you connect a new deviceAirPlay ON or OFF

And that’s all. Only with these short instructions you can connect your iPhone to your TV, without much of an effort. However, you must make sure that you keep the Airplay option ON, all the time. According to your needs, you can change the name of your location to any of the location based options provide by Apple, or you can put your own custom name. Furthermore, if you have retained the security code, ensure that you type it correctly during the setup.

How to connect an iPhone to Apple TV

  • Air Play mirroring from iPhone or iPad to Apple TV

Once you have set Airplay on your Apple TV, you can begin with the process of mirroring the iPhone to the TV. This is easy as well. Just follow the instructions bellow to get the job done quickly.

  1. Start by connecting the Apple TV and your iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network
  2. On your iPhone, swipe from the bottom of the mobile screen to open the control center
  3. You should see the Airplay icon. Tap on itAirPlay icon
  4. From the rundown list, choose the name of your apple TV
  5. Enable the mirroring featureEnable the mirroring feature
  6. In case you have kept the security code, enter itsecurity passcode
  7. You are ready to stream the content of your device to the TVStream iPhone to Apple TV

This is also an easy procedure, which can be completed in less than a minute. Once you are done here, you can experience the best features your Apple devices can offer. Thanks to this newly obtained knowledge, you no longer would need to wonder how to mirror an iPhone to Apple TV.

How to stream music and videos via iTunes with Airplay

Now that you know how to mirror an iPhone and Apple TV sure is great. There is no denial that you can brag about your new knowledge on how to use the iPhone to your friends. But, you do not need to stop here, because we will teach you how to make the most of iTunes using Airplay as well.

This new and elegant way of listening to music is now here. Thanks to this, you can enjoy better sound experience, which we have no doubt will sound appealing to music aficionados. So check out these steps and learn more about how to stream music and videos via iTunes using Airplay.

  • Connect your iPhone and Apple TV to the same Wi-Fi network
  • Start iTunes on your iPhone or iPadlaunch iTunes on iPhone
  • Once iTunes is started, a new small icon will be shown next to the volume controller. This is the airplay icon, and it will be shown only when there is a chance of streaming to an Airplay enabled deviceAirPlay enabled device
  • Depending on the iTunes version, this icon can also be shown on the bottom as well
  • A new list will appear. Choose your apple TV from the list, and it will turn greenSelect your respective TV
  • The media will now begin to stream on the Apple TV. It is possible to adjust the volume settings from iTunes as well.

Thanks to this short tutorial you can also learn how to watch and listen to every video and song thru iTunes. We have no doubt that this new knowledge will be very useful to you. You learned now only how to mirror your iPhone to the Apple TV, but also how to stream music and videos via iTunes too.

All that you need to do is to devote a few minutes of your time and you are good to go. That’s how simple it is to learn all about mirroring any Apple device to an Apple TV.

As the technology improves, our technological knowledge should be accordingly increased as well. Because of that, these short tips will change the way you have been using your iPhone or iPad to stream content so far. You can control the streaming methods from anywhere of your house, remotely, without much of a snag.

Enjoy the experience!

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