How To Unlock any GSM Phone For Free

With this short article will talk about unlock any GSM phone for free services.  The benefits which a fully unlocked phone has, and why it is recommended that you try the unlock methods which we suggest. In addition, we will teach you how to check whether the device is really locked in the first place, and which requirements you need to meet in order to have it unlocked.

Unlock ANY GSM Phone

Check if your phone is currently unlocked

You may not be aware yet, but there is a good chance that even your newly obtained phone is already SIM unlocked, regardless of the fact whether you have purchased from some official carrier.

Some phones are simply sold unlocked such as the Nexus phone or the devices which you have purchased online via eBay, Amazon or from the seller that made them as an “international version”.

In matter of fact, not every manufacturer offers support to sell locked phones, and some companies such as Alcatel and Asus, actively advertise themselves as manufacturers and providers of unlocked phones.

And to big surprise of all, the phones which are bought from Sprint or Verizon, in most of the cases are network unlocked. Both companies use a network configuration without a user accessible SIM card for voice or 3G data. However, for the 4G LTE connection a standard SIM card is required.

Sim Card is Locked

Due to an agreement which Verizon made with the US government, when they have purchased the spectrum they use for LTE, Verizon is obliged to have that side of their phones unlocked. And even though Sprint is not required to abide by these regulations, they still follow them, nevertheless. For more info about Sim Network unlock pin go here on this guide.

However, even if you purchase a phone from Verizon or Sprint that is SIM unlocked, there is no guarantee that it will work with SIM cards from AT&T or T-Mobile.

It is crystal clear that most of the phones you purchase from AT&T or T-Mobile stores are SIM locked and work only for their respective networks. And the same applies for Canadian carriers as well.

The mobile carriers can Unlock any GSM Phone

The standard procedure for phone SIM unlock is to ask your mobile carrier.

Here is how it works:

You ask your network carrier to unlock your phone that you want to unlock your phone and they will provide you with a code that will do that. Once you insert a SIM card from different carrier into the device, it will ask you for that code. Once you enter the Code, the new SIM card will be recognized.

Sometimes, it may be necessary that you enter network settings (APN Settings) before you can use the new network; however most of the network carriers have APN in the system software that will automatically be used.

Set new APN

In case you need to set a new APN, you can ask the people from whom you have bought the new SIM card to help you. As easy as it sounds to ask your mobile carrier to unlock your phone, there are certain criteria you need to meet, before you can be ruled as “qualified” for unlock code. In case you are still under a contract with the network carrier, there is big possibility that you won’t be given an unlock code.

Sure, different rules apply for different carriers, however, without perfectly good reason, it may be difficult to obtain an unlock code by any mobile carrier. Still, do not worry because there are other options, perfectly feasible and easy to conduct. To Change IMEI number you have here, and one other method to unlock any GSM phone if with an unlocked.

Try an Unlock GSM Phone service

Some companies purchase network unlocks codes from carriers and then resell them to the public. In some places this is considered illegal, even though the stance on this changes every year, still it is not up to us to worry about whether they are breaking the law or not, but our focus will be on the service they provide.

The phone unlock via these companies will be conducted in the same way as your carrier may have done so. You contact the unlock service, pay the unlock fee (varies between carriers- average price is $30) and they provide you with an unlock code. Once you insert the new SIM card, you enter the unlock code to unlock the SIM.

Once again you may need to enter some network settings, but usually the people who have sold you the SIM card can help you with this. Or you can try visiting the official unlock page and get the information from the people who have done this procedure before you.

When it comes to choosing the right unlock service, it is up to you. Just note that there are many unlock providers out there and you should do a thorough check about the quality of their services before you choose them.

Now you have the knowledge on how to easily Unlock any GSM Phone. As you can see it is not that difficult, and most of the time is not expensive either.

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