How To Unlock HTC Desire 12 Plus via Code Generator Tool For Free

If you need information on how to unlock HTC Desire 12 Plus for free with the official tool unlock code generator; then you are in the right place. Our iGuidesBlog team will explain in detail how to use this excellent tool for unlocking the smartphones.

Here we will give you several official reviews information for the HTC Desire 12 Plus phone. The trend for big screens in the world is growing, so this phone is part of this trend. While on the screen of this smartphone we have to mention that the display from LCD, LED, IPS, TFT to UHD models are perfect and do not damage your eyes. This mobile phone produced by the company HTC is one of the latest achievements of this company, from the family of Snapdragon 450 chipset. The new HTC Desire 12 Plus mobile phone at the moment has a very high price, but we think this price will drop very quickly.

Instead of the standard processor called Media Tek, the latest HTC Cell Phone switched it to the even more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. This mobile phone has a massive screen as we remembered above in this text, with 5.99 inches, and much brightness on the screen. The resolution is exceptionally high with 1440 X 720 with a density of 268PPi and a TFT display that will make your picture live.

This HTC Desire 12 Plus boasts of its 13MP camera that has the latest autofocus standard, like the latest cameras standards. I think that I have met you with the standard specifications for the new HTC Desire 12 Plus, now in this guide I will explain how to unlock it.

How To Unlock HTC Desire 12 Plus Via Code Generator Tool?

Many of us think that when it comes to getting free servers are skeptical, but that it is real. This is real, and we want to make you aware that many of the global unlocking phones use this exact method of unlocking mobile phones, but they are very expensive, using this free tool.

Therefore, here we will tell you the truth about how to unlock your mobile phone for free. This Unlock Code Generator tool works on an online server where it connects to the official database of the HTC server, and your locked IMEI Number will replace it with unlocked. The next thing you need to do now is to download this tool to your computer and open it. Next, you need to find your IMEI Number from your HTC Desire 12 Plus.

How to find IMEI Number on HTC Desire 12 Plus?

This is very easy, and you can do this in several ways in a minute.

  • Go to Settings – About and here can see your IMEI Number.
  • Click on your Cell Phone * # 06 # and your IMEI Code will appear on your screen.

This is very easy as you could see. And it’s even easier to unlock your cell phone. Now open the Unlock Code Generator tool on your PC. In the IMEI form, please enter your IMEI number. Then click on the unlock button and wait a few minutes for the tool to connect to the HTC Database. When the process is complete, you will get a code to unlock your mobile phone for free.

HTC Desire 12 Plus

How to Unlock my HTC Desire 12 Plus with Paid Services?

As we have said, there is another service, it is a payment service and is not free. This is the official way through your network operator. For example, if you have purchased a mobile phone from Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile, then you must go to this company and request a unlock service. They have several official requests to flick into the program of unlocking. Your mobile must be out of contract; there are no unpaid bills.

In my opinion, you do not need this. I suggest you use the Unlock Code Generator Tool for free.

Now let’s proceed with the guide above, to complete the unlocking process. Insert a SIM card that does not support your HTC Desire 12 Plus. You will now see a message on the Sim Network Unlock Pin on your Android Device, where it needs to put your Unlock Code. Please enter the code and click the unlock button. When you do it you will see a message, greetings your HTC Desire 12 Plus is unlocked.

That is all you have to do. If you had any questions about your locked HTC Desire 12 Plus, please write the comment, our team will answer you at any time here.

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