How you can Hide the Last Seen from WhatsApp on iPhone and Android Device’s

And you as any normal peoples don’t like to follow your status on WhatsApp. Will learn about, how you can hide your online info on iPhone and Android device’s when will start to chat with your friends or your family. Don’t wait to jump this safeguard to the privacy!

This function the “Last Seen” on the WhatsApp have two places: Good and Worse. The first way is that you all time can piece of information for your friends where are and with who they talk. The second worse way it’s they know all about you.

In this guide will show you how to choose, what you like to set-up your WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android Cell Phone. You can set anyone to open your door, or can cancel for all your contacts. Bellow will learn step by step how you can make this professional.

How can I Hide Last Seen in WhatsApp on my iPhone?

hide last seen on whatsapp

Step #1. Start the WhatsApp on your iPhone

Step #2. On Bottom right corner from the settings, it needs to choose.

Step #3. Click on Accounts button

Step #4. Next, tap on Privacy.

Step #5. Go On the Last Seen here

Here you can find some options, actually, three possibilities.

  • Everyone
  • My Contacts
  • Nobody

Everyone it is the default selected here. But you can choose what you like.

Step #6. If you like to be invisible, please tab Nobody option.

Particular Note: Here you can also do configurations about your pictures to make permission who can see.

To save this option go on the end of this page and apply the changes.

How you can Hide a Last Seen Timestamp on Android WhatsApp

For me to keep your WhatsApp account hidden, it’s more straightforward. You can see below and wait for your review in the comment section in this story.

Step #1. Start the WhatsApp on your Android Cell Phone.

Step #2. Open the menu then go to Settings.

Step #3. Go on Account.

Step #4. Here is need click on Privacy.

Step #5. Click on Last Seen.

Step #6. Here tap the radio button to set-up on Nobody option.

That’s all races you can make on your Android device!

Now I wait for you to tell me what you think about this guide, write your experiences in the comment section below. Or if have some questions about your WhatsApp make the some below.

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