How To Install Mac OS X in Recovery Mode Step by Step

Even though it is quite peculiar to see someone complain about OS X problems, because honestly they rarely occur, still when the problem actually exist, it can be really troublesome to resolve it. The final solution in situation like this is to format and reinstall the OS X. In case you did not know by now, this is possible by entering your Mac into Recovery mode.

In matter of fact, to erase, install and reinstall Mac OS is not difficult task as many depict it to be. You only need to stay focused when dealing with such things. Still, in order to make sure that everything will go smoothly we have prepared our step by step tutorial which I am certain will be useful to you. Before you begin with the installation procedure, just make sure that you make a backup copy of your files because everything will be permanently deleted.

Install Mac OS X in Recovery Mode

Tutorial which will help you install MAC OS X in recovery mode

  1. First of all you must start your Mac computer in recovery mode. Otherwise the installation will not be possible.
  2. Once your computer is started in Recovery mode, press on Disk Utility. Next, hit the Continue button.
  3. On the left side you will see your computer volumes. Choose the one which has the OS X installed. After that press on the Erase tab
  4. You will be shown the format menu. From here choose the Mac OS Extended (Journaled). You can name the volume as you want, and once you are done press on Erase button
  5. Once the Erase procedure is finished, choose Disk UtilityàQuit Disc Utility
  6. Next, press on Reinstall OS X and press Continue

Shortly afterwards the OS X reinstallation setup will commence. Once you reach the stage where you are asked to select the disk, select the one which you have erased in the previous process. You may also be asked to verify it with your Apple ID, so you must ensure that you have a stable internet connection.

Video Guide How to Install Mac OS X in Recovery Mode

And that’s it, now only follow the on-screen instructions and be patient until the reinstallation process of the OS X is finished.

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