iPhone IMEI Checker For Free ANY Carrier SIM Lock Status

This is the best iPhone IMEI Checker for free to find on what carrier is locked via IMEI Number. The IMEI Check is legal service for iPhone 7 Plus, 7, 6S, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4s, 4 Apple Model, iPad and Apple Watch devices. The time when you purchase a used iPhone you must pay attention of several things. For example, it is very important that you know the IMEI number of the device and use the IMEI checker to see if it is SIM locked, reported as stolen or lost or even worse, if it is blacklisted.

If previously, the iPhone you have just bought has been blacklisted, you will not be able to activate it on any mobile carrier, and the most tragic part is that you will not be able to use it at all.

iPhone IMEI Checker

In some cases, the iPhone is blacklisted because the previous owner has reported the device as being stolen or lost. In other case, the blacklist can occur due to the owner not paying his bills on time or outstanding balance.

When blacklisted, you cannot use the iPhone as a phone. That means that you cannot send messages or make phone calls, but you will be able to use it as an iPod touch, like for browsing on the internet, taking pictures etc.

Check iPhone IMEI Number To Find Carrier lock

You can easily find out a lot of important data about your iPhone by using the IMEI checker tool. For example, once you use the IMEI checker you will be provided the following info: the carrier, the SIM Lock status, the iCloud lock status, the serial number of the iPhone and the 15 digit IMEI number.

For better results it is recommended that you use the paid IMEI checker option, in order to get 100% accurate details.

How to see the IMEI number of any iPhone

This is really simple task. Just open the dial pad and type the number *#06# and dial it. The IMEI number will be shown within seconds on the iPhone’s screen.

Alternatively, you can open the Menu and go to Settings—General—about and scroll to the bottom. The IMEI code will be listed there. To learn how to Find IMEI Number on iPhone go here on this page.

Check your iPhone IMEI code with the IMEI checker tool

The IMEI checker tool can be used for free, we not promote any paid service. We only it’s possible to show you why is the best and tested service to make good choice . The iPhone IMEI checker delivers the results directly from the GSX servers of Apple. In order to make the service and community.

There are many reasons on why it is important to check the IMEI number of your iPhone. For example, in case you want to SIM unlock your device on factory level and be able to use different SIM cards from different mobile carriers then you will need the valid IMEI number which of course you can find only with an official IMEI checker service.

On top of that, it may be important that you find out whether your iPhone has previously been blacklisted or locked. The IMEI checker provides these results.

Please remember that even though the majority of the online IMEI checkers provide the services for free, not all of them are very reliable and not all of them will do the job correctly. Because of this, use only verified iPhone IMEI checker services.

iPhone IMEI Checker Results

  • IMEI: 359212055976145
  • Serial Number: DNRPX990G4MP
  • Part Description: IPHONE 6 MM-TD 16GB SLVR
  • Product Version: 10.3.2
  • Initial Activation Policy ID: 10
  • Initial Activation Policy Description: Unlocked.
  • Applied Activation Policy ID: 10
  • Applied Activation Policy Description: Unlocked.
  • Next Tether Policy ID: 10
  • Next Tether Activation Policy Description: Unlocked.
  • Find My iPhone: ON
  • iCloud Status: Clean
  • Block status: Clean
  • First Unbrick Date: 16-7-12
  • Unlocked Date: 16-8-17
  • SImlock: Unlocked

List of The Best iPhone IMEI Checker Service

IMEI Checker by iPhoneIMEI

Probably one of the best free services for IMEI check is the iPhone IMEI checker. But do not be fooled, this services does much more than simply checking the IMEI code of your device. You can also use it to get an iPhone unlock but this is not free of course.

On the other side, the IMEI check is free and very simple to do which is the main reason why this service has made our list.

There are no side tasks that you need to fulfill, you just visit the IMEI checker’s site and click on “Check iPhone IMEI” and you will get all the info about your iPhone. 

IMEI Checker

Probably this is the easiest iPhone IMEI checker services known. And besides the IMEI check services you will also find iPhone Unlock services that are really efficient and affordable. It has the complete package for those users who want more than simple iPhone IMEI check.

All iPhone models expect the iPhone 6 are currently supported, and we believe that soon this model will find itself on the list as well.

Just type the IMEI code of our iPhone in the provided field and you will get the results you need.

iPhone IMEI Checker by IMEIdata

Another highly effective online IMEI checker service is the IMEI Data. The difference between the first one and this is that you won’t find any unlocking services here. Not that is important right now. You may find the site not much of visually attractive, however it gets the job done right.

In order to check your iPhone’s IMEI code, enter the IMEI of the device in the adequate field and press on “Check” After a few minutes the website will provide you with all the data about your iPhone.

Check IMEI Number

Another amazing online service for iPhone IMEI check is “Check IMEI”. This site enables the users to check the status of their iPhone’s IMEI number very easily. You will find extra services here such as the IMEI calculator or any operator codes, but there are no unlock services offered. The main reason on why this site is so amazing is the speed of the wanted results. You will get the IMEI check results in very short amount of time. If you want to use this service all that you need to do is to enter the IMEI number of your iPhone and press “Check”. After a few seconds the wanted results will be automatically generated.

As you can see, it is quite easy to check the iPhone’s IMEI number with the 4 web services we have provided above. All that is required is a good and stable internet connection and a bit of patience.

These services will deliver the IMEI check results directly to the email address which you will provide when you complete the procedure.

In case you have any questions related to the IMEI checker services, feel free to contact us.

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