How to Jailbreak Apple TV 3 TV 2 and TV 4 For Free By Tool

In this short tutorial we will discuss the possibility of Apple TV 3 Jailbreak, Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 4 generation via special Tool. As usual this will not be a small talk discussion, but in contrary we will put emphasis on the entire Jailbreak procedure and we will explain the process step by step.

As you may be aware, we use the Pangu tool to make un-tethered jailbreak Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 2 to use Kodi and XBMC. Pangu recently has been updated and so far it is clear that the 5.3 version which runs on iOS 6.1.4/tvOS 9.0 Apple TV 3 cannot be jailbroken with the help of this tutorial, so please have in mind that this guide is meant only for the users who have the Apple TV from the 1st, 2nd and 4th generation.

In addition, keep in mind that some of the apps for Apple TV are not compatible with the current version of the Apple iOS or tvOS.

If you do correct jailbreak then you will be able to use unauthorized app installers on your device. And thanks to this, you will open doors to countless of other possibilities which you may be able to do on your Apple TV. If you are considering about jailbreak Apple TV, but you cannot make up your mind because you are not familiar with the procedure and what it will take, then allow us to clear thing up. We from iGuidesBlog Team will explain step by step bellow how to jailbreak your Apple TV.

What is Jailbreak Apple TV?

The term Jailbreak applies for the method which converts the iOS of Apple to allow using applications and software from non-Apple manufacturers. This basically means that once you jailbreak your Apple TV, then you will be able to use software such as XMBC to stream various media sites on your Apple TV. However, please note that you will not get the Hulu Plus channel for free. You will still have to pay for the subscription when required.

Advantages of Apple TV Jailbreak

It is good to know what the Apple TV Jailbreak brings. Of course, you are well aware that the Apple TV on its own has plenty of features and enables you to sync it with your PC to play iTunes or watch movies and TV shows. However, knowing the safety protocols of Apple, you won’t be able to play any other media content outside of iTunes. And if you want to play a rented movie from Apple HD, it may take you up to 4 hours.

But if you jailbreak your Apple TV, then you will be able to enjoy many benefits and experience the functionality of the device on entire different level.


  1. Jailbreak Apple TV enables the user to install third party tools and modify any files currently stored on your Apple TV.
  2. Among the third party tools which you can use is Fire Core, an app that allows the user to try out all kind of different Apps on ATV
  3. You can use Airplay to stream media content from different iOS devices
  4. Option to install LastFM, Kodi, XBMC, Pandora Radio, HUlu, Nito, etc
  5. The entire process of Apple TV takes less than an hour

Knowing the advantages which the jailbreak brings, it is a no brainer that you should seriously consider doing it.

The list of disadvantages is small. And in case you are not satisfied with it, then you can completely reverse the procedure using the Restore option via iTunes.

And regarding the possible problems related to jailbreak, you may experience some system crashes, or be forced to resume or restore your device.

Is the Apple TV Jailbreak process legal?

You should not worry about this because you won’t get in any legal troubles in case you decide to jailbreak your Apple TV. In the past this was considered to be strictly banned process, however ever since 2010 the Federal Government has made the jailbreak completely legal.

We have provided the necessary info and instructions on how to jailbreak Apple TV 4. Please note that you may be asked to install some third party apps separately.

The newest jailbreak tool released by Pangu enables the Apple TV 4 users to do jailbreak on devices that run on tvOS 9.0 or 9.0.1 free of charge.

The requirement for the jailbreak is to have an Apple Developer account (free or paid) and basic technical knowledge.

Do not worry about this part, because our online guide has every single detail regarding the jailbreak of Apple TV 4 explained.

Disavowal: The current jailbreak for Apple TV 4 features SSH access, which means that you won’t be able to use GUI. On top of that, there is no Cydia-like interface for any Apple TV 4 devices that are jailbroken. But do not worry about that now; there is time to fix this.

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How To Jailbreak Apple TV 3

Jailbreak Apple TV 3

The jailbreak is highly popular among the Apple users. And because of that there are a lot of online services that offer Apple TV 3 Jailbreak for free. However, please have in mind that at this moment it is impossible for the apple TV 3 to be jailbroken, and any site offering this is fraudulent.

Our team has tested the claims of numerous providers of Jailbreak Apple TV 3 services and we have come to the conclusion that all of them are fraudulent and are only trying to steal your money.

!!! Remember!!! Apple TV 3 Jailbreak for Kodi cannot be at this moment!!!

How To Jailbreak Apple TV 4 Running on tvOS 9.0 or 9.0.1

Just before we begin, please login to Xcode with your Apple ID that has side-loading privileges. You can get this account by visiting the Apple developer member center and by agreeing with their terms. Do not worry, its free.

Now, to login to Xcode, just go to “Xcode-Preferences-Accounts” and press the “+” sign.

If you have read the posts of Pangu then you have probably realized that they ask for paid developer to do the jailbreak, however thanks to our tutorial you will be able to do the procedure on your own, completely for free. So if you follow the instructions carefully, and stick to our methods, you should not have any problems.

However, please have in mind that in case any problems occur, we will not take responsibility.

Requirements to do the Apple Tv 4 Jailbreak:

  • Apple TV 4 operating on tvOS 9.0 or 9.0.1;
  • USB-C cable;
  • Mac
  • Xcode;
  • Apple ID account with side-loading privileges;
  • Pangu jailbreak tool;
  • iOS App Signer

Apple TV 4 Jailbreak Instructions

  1. With the USB-C cable, connect your Mac and Apple TV device.
  2. Disable the automatic updates feature on the Apple TV 4. To do this , open Settings-System-Software Updates, and turn of Automatic Updates. Apple TV 4 Jailbreak
  3. Download the iOS App Signer and Pangu Jailbreak tool. The files will be zipped, so before you can use them, extract them both
  4. StartXcode and open File New Project-tv OS Application – Single View Application. Xcode to Jailbreak Apple TV 4
  5. Complete all empty fields
  6. For Product Name enter “ Jailbreak”.
  7. For Organization enter “Your name”
  8. For Organization Identifier enter “com.jailbreak.appletv”
  9. Do not change the rest, just press next and then Create.
  10. Now select Product-Destination—Apple TV from the top barProduct Destination and Apple TV
  11. Choose your Apple ID located in the team area. In case you don’t have Apple ID, create one, (its free) and link it to Xcode, by going to Xcode-Preferences—Accounts
  12. If there are any rendering problems just press on “Fix Issue”
  13. Now start the iOS App signer, press on Browse button, and select the atvipa.app file. This file should be located in the Payload folder in the Pangu download file that you have previously extracted.
  14. From the iOS app Signer, select Certificate and provisioning Profile for the app you just created in Xcode
  15. Now press on Start in the iOS app Signer. The atvipa.ipa file now should be available on your desktop
  16. Launch Xcode, go to Windows-Devices and choose your Apple TV 4
  17. Under Installed apps, press on “+” button, and from the desktop select the atvipa.ipa file
  18. The Pangu Jailbreak Apple TV 4 Kodi tool should be available now on your Apple TV 4. After it is shown on the home screen of your Apple TV, begin the jailbreak by launching the appInstall Pangu on Apple TV 4
  19. And that’s it, now using the Wi-Fi IP address of your Apple TV 4 you can SSH into your Apple TV 4 unit.

Please note that Pangu requires a paid developer account to perform the jailbreak. They have their own reasons on why they have opted for this approach, and we surely eagerly expect the explanation on this one. Knowing that, there should not be any issues if you go with our approach as well, because it works perfectly fine. We have managed to SSH into our own Apple TV 4 unit without any issues and so far there have not been any downsides shown.

How To Jailbreak Apple TV 2 on iOS 5.3 and iOS 6.1

  1. Get the d Seas0nPass from here: Windows [XP or later], Mac [10.6 or later];
  2. Get the newest iTunes version from here;
  3. You will require micro USB cable to do the Apple TV 2 jailbreak;
  4. Disconnect all Apple devices from your computer

Apple TV 2 Jailbreak

Start the Seas0npass app on your PC and press on Create IPSW button. The app will now download the newest version of iOS 5.3 for Apple TV 2 and make new customized IPSW.

Unzipping IPSW File

Using the micro USB cable, connect your computer and Apple TV 2 set, but do not connect it to a power source. Once the Apple TV indicator flashes press the Home and Menu buttons on your remote simultaneously and hold them for 7 seconds.

Put Apple TV 2 in DFU Mode

Once your Apple TV enters DFU mode, iTunes will launch, and it will automatically install the custom IPSW which was created with Seas0npass. Once the installation is completed, connect your Apple TV 2 to power source and TV. All should be ok now.

Restore Apple TV 2 by iTunes

After iTunes successfully installs the IPSW and confirms it, then the Settings icon (as indicated below) will be shown on your Apple TV 2 interface. Please note that this is untethered jailbreak Apple TV 2, so you MUST NOT use the computer every time you turn on the Apple TV 2. It is possible to install any app you want now.

 Regarding the possibility of Jailbreak Apple TV 3, we will keep you updated in case reliable software is released. So far there is still none, so please do not try to jailbreak these units. The above mentioned tutorial and the jailbreak Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 2 procedure should not last longer than 5 minutes which makes it really easy and simple for anybody. In case we have any new info, or new apps, tools and software available make sure to often check our website. In case you have had some problems with the Apple TV jailbreak procedure feel free to inform us in the comment section.


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