Learn how to create an alarm on your Apple watch

Anybody who has an Apple Watch probably has noticed that the Alarm app is completely different than the one featured on the iPhone. But did you know that if you set the alarm on your iPhone, and if you have your Apple Watch on your wrist while sleeping that you can divert the alarm call from your iPhone to Apple watch, so you won’t need to manage the two devices while still in bed.

Create Alarm on Apple Watch

However, if you do not have your iPhone close to you while you are asleep, then you should consider creating an alarm on the Apple Watch.

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In case you did not know, creating an alarm on your Apple Watch is possible because it features a built-in Alarm app. And I believe that having an alarm on the Apple Watch is far better than an alarm on the phone. That is because there are many people who need a pinch to wake up on time, instead of listening to music that may fuel the sleep.

So as I have said, here is a step by step tutorial on how you can create an alarm on your Apple Watch.

Instructions To Create Alarm on Apple Watch

  • Begin by pressing the Digital Crown
  • After that, start the Alarm AppApple Watch Alarm
  • Once the Alarm app is launched, press on the Apple Watch screen firmly, and after that press on the “+” sign to add your new alarmAdd Alarm
  • Adjust the time you at which you want the alarm to wake you app and press “Set”Apple Watch Create Alarm

And that’s it; you have successfully set the alarm time on your Apple watch. In case you want to delete an old alarm time on the Apple Watch just follow our step by step guide.

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