Learn how you can create App-Specific iCloud Passwords

A new feature that will enhance iCloud security was introduced by Apple. Users can create app specific passwords which will allow them to keep the primary Apple ID secure while using third party apps. For example, when someone users a third party app, the user is required to sign in using an app specific password. In this way, it is guaranteed that the primary Apple ID will not be hacked or compromised while using third party apps.

This feature has great potential and the best part about it is that it is capable of creating up to 25 app specific passwords at a time. These passwords can be used to log in safely even if the app does not support the two step verification. Bellow on iGuidesBlog will find how to create new App-Specific iCloud Password in five steps.

App-Specific Passwords for iCloud

Instructions to generate App-Specific password for iCloud

  1. Go to Apple ID website
  2. From the menu select “Manage my Apple ID”
  3. Login by entering your Apple ID and password credentials
  4. Tap on Password and Security
  5. Tap on Generate an App-Specific password
  6. You will need to create a Label for your App-specific password. To do it just click on Generate and a popup will immediately appear
  7. Now, a unique password will be created which you can use it while using some third party app

After you are finished with this procedure, you will be able to see the password you’ve just generated. Currently, it is possible to generate up to 25 different iCloud passwords. You will have complete controls over the passwords you have controlled and you can revoke them one at a time or all at once if you want to.
Once you have created the app-specific password you can use any third party app without having to worry that your Apple ID may be compromised.

Instructions on how to revoke any app-specific password

  1. Open my Apple ID website
  2. Open Manage my Apple ID and sing in into your account
  3. Choose the option Password and Security
  4. Tap on View history
  5. From here you can select any password you want to revoke. It is possible to revoke only one password or if you want to you can select revoke all.

This new feature has amazing potential and I strongly believe that many people would welcome it, considering the fact how important is to keep our Apple ID credentials private.

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