Mac OS or iOS Beta software uninstall and installation guide of the Official Version

Have you recently installed the Mac OS beta on your Mac computer? Do you think that it does not meet you requirements and that you would be better off with the official version? Well, if that’s the case, then you can easily resolve this issue and uninstall the Mac OS beta version and downgrade it to the newest official Mac OS version without losing any of your apps or data.

The real purpose of the beta software programs of Apple is to allow the users to test the iOS and Mac OS before they are officially launched. This is pretty handy for the developers who are using the beta software to their advantages and eventually they manage to add new features or improve the ones which the normal users already utilize.

Apple Beta Software Program

If you are showing interest to try out the beta software versions, it is possible to sign in yourself for any of the beta rollouts, after which you will need to download and install the pre-release developer preview version which was, launched prior the final release of each OS.

Still, once you sign in for this program, you will become a user that will continue to receive unstable builds of the OS, which at some point can become really irksome. And perhaps, that is where you will draw a line and you will decide to opt out of the beta software program.

Actually, it is not that complex to opt out from the Apple’s public beta test program and start receiving software updates only when they are rolled out for all Apple users , not only for developers.

Instructions- Opt out from the Public Beta Program of Apple

There is a difference between the processes of opting out from Mac and iOS devices.

You will find the instructions bellow for both types of devices:

How to roll out from Public Beta Program- Mac OS users

In case you have Apple computer that has non-beta version of Mac OS X installed, then it would be much simpler to roll out the OS.

Please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to System Preferences and access the App Store preferences pane
  2. When in App store preferences pane, press on the “Change” button
  3. A new window will pop out. Press on “Do not show beta software updates”
  4. Close the settings now
  5. Re-launch Settings to see if the changing has been saved and check the same dialogue boxDo Not Show beta Software Updates

If you have a beta Mac OS X version installed, then you will have to roll back to a stable build using a Time Machine backup which should be kept by default while installing the beta update. Once you have rolled back to the stable build, just follow the same procedures.

Uninstall the iOS beta software on iPhone or iPad

The opt-out should be done in iOS running devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as well, in order to uninstall the iOS beta software:

  • First, Shut down your iOS device
  • Use USB cable to connect your iOS device and computer by holding down the home button f your iPhone/iPad or iPod touch, Hold the button till you see the Apple logo shown on the device’s screen
  • In iTunes, an alert message will show, stating that an iOS device in recovery mode has been detected and that is connected to your computer
  • From the iTunes window, select “Restore”. Wait till your iOS device is restored to a stable build version. You may be prompted to enter some credentials after the device boots up

All in all, in case you are considering using beta releases, please keep in mind that even though they can be really exciting, most often they are full of bugs and can ruin the experience for you.

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