She’s 70, and she looks like a young girl: Norma reveals the secret of youthful appearance

The trend of eternal youth is becoming more and more popular. Women became obsessed with their age, the process of ageing and maintaining the youthful looks. On social media more and more ladies show us how to defy the years.
One of them is Norma Williams who says that ageing is just a state of mind. She is 70 years of age, but that cannot be seen on her face or body because she looks like a girl.

Norma doesn’t just look young but she acts that way too. One day she decided to leave the rainy London and to continue her life in the sunny and cheerful Italy. She says that ever since she feels much better and that sometimes she’s under the impression that she’s 20 instead of 70.

But, how did Norma manage to defy her age? The secret is in healthy nutrition and physical exercise.

She started exercising when she was 20 years old and ever since she tries to walk on a daily basis and to have a balanced diet. Her breakfast consists of two cups of cappuccino some bread, banana or an orange or some other seasonal fruit.
For dinner Norma has vegetables with proteins: carrots broccoli, beans, soya sauce mushrooms, olive oil, seeds, cranberry or berry crisps. Her favourite dish is spaghetti with olive oil, which she uses regularly.
Between meals, she often has black chocolate Greek yoghurt salad, honey and nuts.


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