How To Put iPhone in Recovery Mode Step by Step

In this guide will show you how to put iPhone 7 Plus, 7, 6S, 6+, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 in Recovery Mode for free step by step and exit from recovery mode. Have you ever needed to put your iPhone in recovery mode, but you did not know how to do it? Well, if that is the case then we can surely help you out.

As you know, the recovery mode, just as the DFU mode can be pretty handy when you intend to restore or downgrade the OS of your iPhone. Even though sometimes, both the Recovery and DFU mode can be confused, you should make a difference between them, because they are totally opposite.

iPhone Recovery Mode

Differences between Recovery mode and DFU mode

It is no secret that both modes share some similarities, such as the way the device behaves and how it is detected by iTunes, which can cause the users to not be able to tell the difference between them. Still, the biggest difference is that DFU modes is basically a firmware update mode, while the Recovery Mode functions in completely different way.

Recovery mode is used when we need to downgrade the firmware of the iPhone, and at some times can be used to restore the iDevice as well.

How to put an iPhone into Recovery mode

  1. Remove the USB cable connecting your iPhone and computer
  2. Start iTunes on your computer
  3. Press and Hold both- The Power and Home Button for around 10 seconds, till you see the screen turns blank
  4. Release the Power button, but keep holding the Home button
  5. Reconnect the iPhone with your computer with USB cable
  6. You should be able to see on the iPhone the iTunes icon and the USB lightning cable
  7. ITunes will display case the iPhone into recovery mode.
  8. You can also check the video guide on how to put the device into recovery modeRecovery Mode by iTunes

So now you know that you can use Recovery mode when you want to Restore or Downgrade the firmware of your iPhone. If you need to upgrade or update the firmware of your device, then you ought to put the iPhone into DFU mode.

How to exit from recovery mode

This is a piece of cake. Follow these instructions:

  • Press both—the Power and Home buttons for 15 seconds and wait till the screen turns blank
  • Release only the Home button and continue holding the Power button till the iPhone boots up

There is alternative way to exit Recovery mode by using apps like TinyUmbrela or RecBoot.

How to enter iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus in recovery mode

iPhone 7 Recovery Mode

  1. Get the newest iTunes version installed on your computer
  2. Using the USB cable connect your iPhone 7/iPhone 7+ to your computer
  3. Hold down the power and lock button, and at the same time tap and hold down the volume down button which is on the left side of the iPhone. Keep holding these buttons for around 10 seconds
  4. You should see shortly after the Apple logo on screen. Keep holding the buttons
  5. After a few moments, the iTunes logo with a lightning cable will be shown. That means that the iPhone 7 has successfully entered into Recovery mode. You can now start the iOS restore or update process

Note: In case you couldn’t put the device into recovery mode, repeat the steps again.

Alternative methods to put the iPhone 7 or 7+ into recovery mode

In case you have some problems with the power or volume buttons on your iPhone, it is possible to use Recboot or Reiboot tools to put the device into Recovery mode. Both tools can be downloaded from our downloads page and work for Windows and MAC respectively.iPhone 7 recovery mode by ReiBoot

Once you have downloaded and installed the programs, connect your iPhone and computer and launch one of the tools. Wait several seconds till they detect your iPhone and then press on “Enter Recovery Mode” button. Next, launch iTunes and your device will be detected into Recovery mode and you can begin the Restore process.

To start the restore procedure, just press on the Restore iPhone button from iTunes menu.

How to exit recovery mode on iPhone7 or iPhone 7+

  1. Disconnect the iPhone from your computer
  2. First tap and hold down the Home and Power button for around 15 seconds till the screen turns blank
  3. Let go the Home button but keep holding the Power button till the iPhone starts normally

What if the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7+ gets stuck in Recovery mode?

It can happen that the iDevice gets stuck in recovery mode. In this case you can use Recboot or Reiboot to get the iPhone 7 out of recovery mode.

Just download and install one of the tools and click on “Exit Recovery” button. Your iPhone should be rebooted in normal mode after that. In case the device still cannot be restored, updated or downgraded, then you ought to put the iPhone into DFU mode and restore it with the latest iOS version.

Important!!! Before you try any of the procedures please make a backup of your date, just to keep things safe.

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