How To Remove the Credit Card from Apple Pay Account via iCloud

On this guide will show you in five steps how to remove credit card from Apple iCloud Account. Many users can barely cover the costs of an iPhone device and it is normally that it will be a really big issue if the device gets stolen or lost. The iPhone is considered the pinnacle of how modern smartphones should look like offering you versatile functions and features and making your life easier. Still, in case something happens to the device and if it gets stolen it can make matters for you really intense.

Many people keep a lot of private information stored on the iPhone. For instance, you may have your phone contacts, memorable pictures, videos, files and a lot more private data which at no circumstances you would want to go into wrong hands. In addition, in case you are Apple Pay user, it is most likely that you have your credit card details stored on the device. So it is crystal clear that in case your iPhone gets stolen or lost you must know how to protect your data.

Remove Card From Apple Pay

I am Apple Pay user, Should I be worried if my iPhone gets stolen?

There is no reason for concern if you know how to handle things properly. There is no doubt that losing your device which contains all of your credit card details is bad, still nobody can use your card easily. In order to use the Apple Pay feature you must go thru the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and this feature makes it almost impossible for anybody to use your credit card.

However, everyone would feel uncomfortable knowing that the data of your credit or debit card is stored on a stolen phone. Luckily, we have good news for you because there is an easy way to remove a card from Apple Pay remotely, and you can add that card back later using iCloud. The procedure is quite simple and will take only moments of your time and it will help you keep your credit card details safe.

Instructions How To Remove Credit Card From Apple iCloud Account

It is quite simple to remove the Apple Pay card details using iCloud. Follow these instructions and you will get the job done right in only a few minutes:

  • Go to iCloud.com web site and login to your iCloud account
  • Once you are redirected to the main screen on the website, go to the Settings menu


  • Open the My devices section and find the phone which was stolen

My Device

  • Once you have located the device, click on it

You will be shown a list of cards that are added on the device. Click on the cards you want to delete and press on “remove”
Once you press on “remove” you will be shown a warning message that you will be unable to use that card any longer but do not worry and leave the matter as it is for now. Allow the changes to happen. Once you are ready to use Apple pay on different device you can add the card again.

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