How to Remove the old iCloud backups on an iPhone or iPad

While clearing up unnecessary files and disabling the backup option for specific apps may result with more iCloud storage space, in order to get additional storage boost you may need to delete old iCloud backups on your device.

So in case you have used multiple Apple devices for which the backup feature was enabled then this method is recommended for you. This is the case because if you have synced more than one device to your current iCloud account in the past, but you no longer use some of the devices, you can delete the backup for that device and get extra storage space.

Delete Old backup from iPhone

How to delete your old iPhone or iPad backups

  1. Go to the settings menu and choose General
  2. Open Usage
  3. Go to the bottom to the iCloud section and choose Manage Storage
  4. Note that it is possible to access the iCloud storage from the Settings menu—iCloud—Manage storage

Once you have accessed the Backup section, you will see a list of devices. In case you have logged in to iCloud with the same Apple ID using other devices and have enabled the backup feature for them, then those devices will appear on this list. In case you see only one, then that means that you have signed to iCloud only with your current device (or you have enabled the backup feature only for that device). In case you see more than one device, see for which device you no longer need the backup.

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Assuming that you have backups for old iPad or iPhone devices which you no longer use, you can safely delete the backup for that device.

Instructions How To Delete Backup on your Apple Device

To delete the backup do this:

  • Select the device from the list in the Backup section
  • Press on Delete Backup
  • Confirm the deletion by pressing “Turn off and Delete”
  • And that’s it, the backup will be removed and you will get that space

Knowing how easy is to enable the backup for multiple devices it is no wonder that we often forget that we have abundant backup copies stored into our iCloud account. That is why in case you regularly have problems with the storage space you need to check whether you can free some space by removing old backup copies.

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