Short Evaluation of the Delta iOS Emulator Beta Version

People who enjoy playing old console games on their iPhone will be thrilled to hear this news. The Delta Emulator developed for iOS devices has been officially released in its Beta version, and the final version is soon expected to be announced. As you know, the Delta Emulator will be the new successor of the highly successful GBA Emulator for iPhone.

The Game boy Advance emulator has been an integral part of the gaming community for iPhone users and knowing that the new version – the Delta Emulator is looming, the gaming experience on this console will surely go on an entirely different level.

Delta Emulator

You can find the distributable version of the Delta Emulator online, and thanks to that we had the chance to examine the engine and see for ourselves the interface and the processes it has to offer.

Delta Emulator Beta Interface

The emulator program currently is still in beta phase, but the first look at the user interface looks promising. Ever since we first tried the new version of the emulator, we couldn’t help but notice how striking the interface is, and with promise that the final version would bring even more refined , stylish and innovative interface. Even for users who are new to emulators, they should not have any kind of troubles scrolling thru games, using the basic features such as game saving and playing the games.

Platforms which are supported

The delta emulator is successor of the GBA4iOS and it follows where the predecessor left. Still, the beta version of this emulator supports the current platforms: Game boy Color, Game Boy Advance, the classic Game Boy and Nintendo 64. Still, in the final version it is expected all the console platforms which were supported by GBA4iOS to be supported by the Delta Emulator too.

Game play experience

The short time which we had to try out the emulator has provided us with plenty of insight about the gaming experience. All of the games we tested run at decent speed, almost the same as on the original console for which they were developed, and the graphics output was even better than the output of the original console. It is possible to access the game menu at any time, simply by pausing the game (however, this feature has still not been introduced in all of the emulators available for iOS).

The biggest advantage of the Delta Emulator is the save and load feature which is very reliable. The users have the option to save the game without having to worry that they may lose the data or fail to load the game the next time they run it.

Delta iOS Emulator

In addition, there is a new feature, which enables the player to fast forward i.e. this feature speeds up the playback time of the game to let’s say 1.5x or 2x.

Great reviews

The testing’s has given us plenty of feedback and insight about all of the features of the Delta emulator. Normally, some of the options very a bit bugged, however a normal gamer should not have any problem with them. In matter of fact, they are noticeable only if you play the game on the original console and draw comparisons.

But of course, as the development proceeds forward, it is expected some of the bugs to be fixed and the overall experience to be even better.

Summary: If you have nothing against using the beta version, then you definitively should try out the Delta Emulator, it brings a lot of joy.

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