How To Unlock Bootloader on Huawei P8/P10

All from us some time is need to Unlock Bootloader on Huawei P8 or Huawei P10 model. In this guide will learn for Huawei bootloader unlock on P8 and P10 series.  Many smartphone owners have heard about the term Bootloader unlock, but only a handful of them know the true meaning behind this and the benefits it brings. Some users may wonder whether it is recommended to unlock the bootloader of a new smartphone, because it voids the warranty of the device, however, on the long run when you see the advantages it provides, we may say that the positive ratio of advantages is bigger than the negative.

Unlock Huawei Bootloader

What is Huawei P8/P10 Bootloader?

The standard definition of a “bootloader” is that it is an executable code which begins to run before the operative system starts to function. The functionality of the bootloader is universal for any device and any operating system, regardless of the type of the device.

Shortly put, the bootloader is package that carries all the needed instructions to boot the operating system fun, accompanied by the debugging or modification environment. The functionality of the bootloader relies on the processor details, because it begins to operate right before any other software component begins to run on the device. In addition, the bootloader alters in accordance with the motherboard mounted in the instrument. This is perhaps the main reason why all the Android smartphones have custom ROMs because of the difference in the processing hardware found on the device.

Android features a completely different bootloader for different hardware due to the changing specifications which a manufacturer integrates in a device.

One example of this is Motorola and Sony, which has embedded “eFuse” command into the bootloader of their Android smartphones, which can permanently turn of the device if the user tries to flash the hardware to a custom ROM.

Most of the manufacturers lock the bootloader to ensure that the user will use only the Android version which was designed for the devices, which of course is a bit hypocritical knowing that the Android is an open source OS.

When the bootloader is locked, the users are not able to flash virtually a custom ROM.

In addition, if you try to unlock the bootloader, the guarantee will be voided, and there is even a chance that you may brick the device and render it useless.

Still, it is possible to unlock the bootloader and that you need to do is to follow the proper instructions.

Unlock Bootloader on Huawei P8 and P10

The answer is so simple. If you unlock the bootloader on your Huawei P8, you will provide access to rooting the device and flashing custom ROM.

In addition, you will obtain access to the stock Android OS and it will be possible to install custom firmware on the phone.

Instructions for Bootloader Unlock on Huawei P8/P10

This guide will provide you with the complete details regarding the bootloader unlock of Huawei P8 or P10.

Make sure that you read every line carefully and understand the process that involves flashing the custom ROM, which can void the warranty.

Before we start, please note:

  1. The current guide applies only for Huawei P8
  2. If you have technical background knowledge of Fastboot on Linux or Mac, you can also conduct the bootloader unlock procedure.
  3. Make sure that you create a backup of your phone before you start with the bootloader unlock
  4. To get started with the bootloader unlock, you need to receive a specific unlock code from the manufacturer. Send an email to Huawei to get the code. In the email add the serial number of the phone, the ID and the IMEI code. Send the mail to mobile@huawei.com. Do do this go on official Huawei page here.Huawei Bootloader Process
  5. The specific code will be sent after several hours (note that it may take up to two days)
  6. Create a backup of your phone data and turn off the device
  7. Download the Android SDK/Fastboot from the internet. If necessary, install the required USB drivers, and using the USB cable, connect the device to your computerdownloading Android SDK
  8. Once Fastboot is downloaded, extract the contents into the android-sdk-windows/platform-tools directory.
  9. To enter bootloader/ Fastboot mode on your Huawei P8, press the volume up, volume down, and the power button concurrently for couple of seconds till the screen show you some text. The device will be put into bootloader mode, which will enable you communication between the Fastboot and the device.
  10. Go to android-sdk-windows/platform-tools directory and open the command prompt window, by pressing shift+right click
  11. Enter the following command
  12. Fastboot oem unlock CODE* ( instead of code, enter the code you have received by the manufacturer)
  13. Follow the onscreen instructions and to confirm the bootloader unlocking and deleting the entire data from the phone
  14. Once the data deletion is complete, the Huawei P8 will reboot automatically.

And at last, the bootloader of your Huawei P8 is unlocked, which will grant you the option to install custom recovery, do system tweaks or flash custom ROMs.

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